FULFLEET® Extended Life Global Plus Antifreeze / Coolant

Fulfleet Extended Life Plus is an advanced “fully-formulated” corboxylate-based antifreeze/coolant that features a silicate-free, phosphate-free formula to provide trouble-free service in newer diesel engines.

Antifreeze/coolant made with Penray inhibitor is compatible with CAT EC-1 specification antifreeze/coolant and other nitrited and non-nitrited organic acid technology (NOAT) formulations.

Antifreeze/coolant made with Extended Life Plus may be operated 300,000 miles, boosted with an NOAT extender additive, and then operated to a total of 600,000 miles of service.

• Cost effective
• Extended Service Formula
• Compatible with Texaco® and Caterpillar® Extended Life and other “strawberry-red” NOAT antifreeze/coolants.
• Silicate free
• Phosphate Free
• Compatible with Non-Nitrited and Nitrited OAT
• ASTM D-6210
• ASTM D-4985
• ASTM D-5345 H. D. Pre-diluted
• ASTM D-3306
• ASTM D-4656 Auto Pre-diluted
• TMC RP-329 Type A
Using and maintaining a properly formulated coolant is one of the most important aspects of engine maintance. 40% of engine breakdowns are a direct result of improper coolant maintence.