FULFLEET® Conventional Plus Antifreeze / Coolant

Fulfleet Conventional Plus is an advanced antifreeze/coolant that features a low-silicate, phosphate-free formula to provide trouble-free service in virtually any vehicle. Fulfleet Conventional Plus may be used in most any liquid-cooled engine.

Fulfleet offers a H/D fully-formulated antifreeze/coolant for H/D diesel applications where an ethylene glycol, low silicate, phosphate free coolant is recommended. Fulfleet’s advanced vacuum distillation remanufacturing process combined with Penray’s inhibitor chemistry results in the most advanced inorganic antifreeze product on the market. This antifreeze/coolant meets ASTM D-6210, TMC RP329A along with military spec CID AA 52624-A. This antifreeze/coolant requires no initial precharge for SCA wet sleeve liner protection. Normal SCA maintenance is required after initial fill per OEM recommendations.*  Available in 50/50 or concentrate.

• Cost effective
• *Fill-For-Life® Service
• OEM Approved
• ASTM D-6210
• TMC RP-329 Type A
• ASTM D-3306
• GSA CID AA 52624-A
• Natural gas compressor engines
• Air compressor engines
• Drilling equipment
• Irrigation equipment
• Liquid cooled cogeneration equipment
• Line heaters
• Stationary engines
• Gen-sets
• Automotive
• Many heavy-duty applications