FULFLEET® FFHOAT                                                                                               

Outstanding Performance – Superior Quality – Information Sheet goldflask

FFHOAT additive syrup is a single component product that is used to blend premium quality extended life antifreeze / coolant for use in virtually any vehicle that uses antifreeze / coolant. Used as directed, blending FFHOAT with glycol* or 50% glycol and di water will result in engine coolant that complies with ASTM D3306 (virgin), ASTM D6471 / 6472 (recycled), ASTM D6210 and TMC RP-329 (EG) RP-330 (PG). The chemistry is compatible with Valvoline G-05 (Mercedes Ford & Chrysler factory fill), Fleetguard ES Compleat and other hybrid technology coolants. This type of antifreeze / coolant is sometimes referred to as “heavy duty extended life”, “global extended service” or “HOAT”.