FULFLEET® Extended Life Global Antifreeze / Coolant

Fulfleet Extended Life Global D is an advanced carboxylate Acid antifreeze/coolant that features a silicate free, phosphate-free formula to provide trouble-free service in newer automobiles and light-duty gasoline-powered trucks. Extended Life Global D is fully compatible with GM Dexcool® brand antifreeze/coolant, and similar “orange” carboxylate antifreeze/coolant.

• Extended service formulation
• Compatible with Dexcool and other “orange” coolants
• Silicate-Free
• Phosphate-Free
• ASTM D-3306
• ASTM D-4656 Auto – Pre-diluted
Fulfleet Extended Life Global D will provide satisfactory performance in most cars and trucks including the following:

• Volvo
• Volkswagen
• Honda
• Mitsubishi
• GM (Dex-Cool)
• Saab
• Toyota
• Subaru